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"Studying Arabic syntax and morphology with Shaykh Ibrahim has been an absolute pleasure . We have been focusing on Alfiyah Ibn Malik (Arabic Grammer) and Shad al Arf (Arabic Morphology). He has a gift for simplifying the material, making it digestible for the beginner, intermediate, and even the advanced student of the Arabic language. He does not move on to the next topic unless he ensures that you have fully comprehended everything that was covered. He is extremely patient and gentle when teaching and very encouraging. In addition to all of these praiseworthy qualities, he has a great amount of knowledge about the subject matter and can refer you to important books, scholars, and even additional YouTube lessons on the same book. I would advise anyone who wants to progress in the Arabic language to study with Shaykh Ibrahim Farooqui."

- Najeeb Johnson (USA)

Amazing Learning Experience

"Ustadh Ibrahim provides excellent teaching and care to all of his students. He utilizes various content to acquaint students with the different aspects of the Arabic language. They are also offered sufficient exercises and homework to further aid their comprehension. In the end, students have a more well-rounded grasp of the Arabic Language, efficiently speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Additionally, Ustadh Ibrahim exhibits excellent character and manners, which are highly desired in any teacher. "

- Jimasif Chowdhury (USA)



It Gave Me a New Perspective!

"I had found this course very interesting and beneficial for me and it gave me a new perspective to study this language. I would love to stay connected in this group."

- Mariam Shahid (KSA)

A Very Effective Method of Teaching!

Currently I'm learning Arabic language with Ustadh Ibrahim (وفقه الله) in their "Level 2: The Arabic Journey" program at At-Tahdhib Institute. And I'm so happy that I have chosen the right place for learning Arabic language. Also Ustadh Ibrahim is teaching us the language in an effective method which is very beneficial for us.

- Jawad (Bangladesh)

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