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At The Arabic School, we offer a diverse range of courses to cater to the needs of our students. Our commitment to providing high-quality education extends beyond just Arabic language learning. Explore our additional courses below:

Beginner Morphology: A Study of as-Sarf al-Bahai

This is a beginner course on Arabic Morphology, covering a treatise originally written in the Persian language. In 7 lessons, build a strong foundation in morphology!

Beginner Nahw and Sarf: A Study of Matn an-Nahw as-Sagheer and Matn as-Sarf as-Sagheer

Delve into the study of Nahw and Sarf through two small treatises written by a great scholar of our time; Shaykh Sulaiman al-'Uyuni.

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as-Sarf al-Bahai

Matn an-Nahw as-Sagheer & Matn as-Sarf as-Sagheer

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