The Arabic Journey Program

The Arabic Journey program is a holistic system for learning the Arabic language. It has been developed keeping in mind some of the latest methods in language acquisition.

Our Beginner Courses are the first step to unlocking the Arabic language, taught by experienced teachers passionate about making learning accessible and enjoyable.

  • Interactive Learning
  • Quality Material
  • Expert Instructors

Arabic Intensive

The Arabic Intensive program focuses on teaching the Arabic Trivium; Nahw (Syntax), Sarf (Morphology), Balaghah (Rhetoric).

With the Arabic Intensive, you develop a holistic understanding of the three key disciplines of the Arabic language. It takes you from a beginner to an intermediate level.

  • Simplifying Grammar
  • Learn Verb Conjugation
  • Learning Rhetorical Devices

Private Classes

Private classes can be booked as hourly sessions by students who want a more customized learning experience.

Most of the students who sign up for private classes are either absolute beginners or advanced students. Choosing our Advanced Courses means gaining unparalleled insights into the Arabic language and culture, guided by experts dedicated to your linguistic excellence.

  • Advanced Grammar
  • Literature and Writing
  • Customized Learning

“Thanks to The Arabic School, I've not only learned a new language but have also gained a deep appreciation for Arabic culture. The teachers are highly knowledgeable and supportive.”

Ayesha Khan